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Celebration of Cultures was created with the intent to raise cultural awareness in rural communities and beyond. We work towards having events and activities that pertain to a certain group’s cultures and traditions. 

Our goal through these celebrations is to learn and educate on people’s lived experiences and origins. Some of the events that we host are Dia de Los Muertos, Posadas, Hispanic Heritage Month, among others. We hope to develop a diversified community that strives for social and economic equity and integration by empathizing and understanding one’s backgrounds.


United Cultures for Health

On October 16th, 2021 CULA hosted the event United Cultures for Health  to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and our 11th year anniversary. We offered various services for the community like our Food Pantry, mobile clinic, Covid-19 testing, and vaccinations. This event was originally planned as a festival, however, the Covid-19 Delta variant was spreading quickly and we made the decision to downsize the event. What made this day so important for our community was that the mayor of the City of Marion proclaimed September 15th through October 15th Hispanic Heritage Month in the City of Marion, NC. It was the first time that it had been publicly recognized and was such a monumental moment for the rising latino population in rural communities. We are beyond grateful for Mayor Steve Little for his kind words and support of our community. To this day we continue to remember this event as a day of community, health, and breaking barriers.

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