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Centro Unido Latino Americano is a non-profit organization serving the rural community of McDowell County and surrounding areas. Our resources reach the community at large while also assisting the Latinx residents with common barriers that can obstruct their livelihood. Translation for people who do not speak English, food for families that don't get much to eat, access to healthcare for for the uninsured and much more. With the services we offer, we hope to raise potential for more social integration, economic opportunities and cultural justice.

A Little History

Centro Unido Latino Americano opened its doors in 2009 and officially became a non-profit organization in 2011 with a goal to make as many equitable and philanthropic resources available to the Latino community and beyond.

Even though our organization  has encountered challenges throughout the years, our motivation comes from the communities we serve. We have hit several milestones thanks to the different organizations, people, and resources that have helped us build the foundation we currently have. The continued support of McDowell County is something we've been and will always remain grateful for today and always.





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