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Who We Are

Centro Unido Latino Americano is a non-profit organization serving the rural community of McDowell County and surrounding areas. Our resources are curated for everyone in our community while also focusing on bridging barrier gaps; language accessibility, food security, and accessible healthcare. With our services, we hope to increase social integration, economic opportunities, and cultural justice.

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Community-Based | Responsiveness | Promote Sense of Worth & Belonging | Celebrate Diversity | Foster Inclusiveness | Health Equity | Social Justice | Sustainability | Self Care | Respect | Empowerment | Language Justice | Gender Equality 

2011 - 2020


2020 - PRESENT

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A Little History

Centro Unido Latino Americano opened its doors in 2009 and officially became a non-profit organization in 2011. The goal was to make accessible as many equitable and philanthropic resources to the Latino community as possible. 

Even though our organization  has encountered challenges throughout the years, our motivation comes from the communities we serve. We have hit many milestones thanks to the different organizations, people, and resources that have helped us build the foundation we currently have. The continued support of McDowell County is something we will always be grateful for. 

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