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Enhancing the quality of life in our community.



De Sueños a Dueños

The process of purchasing and owning a home is a challenging one to navigate. This is especially difficult when there are barriers involved like language, financial literacy education, and equitable access. Centro Unido launched the program De Sueños a Dueños in early 2023 with the intention to break home ownership barriers for our community. This program was made possible through a collaboration with local banks, lenders, and realtors who came together to support underserved communities through the home buying process.

Program Coordinator: Margarita Ramirez


Interpretation Network

The Interpreting Network program assists non English speaking individuals with translation services. This program takes shape in many ways like interpreting documents, in person interpretation for community members, and interpretation services for business and agencies. We have been hired by DSS, colleges, agencies, and institutions for these services, but are completely free of cost for non-english speaking community members.


Foreign Affairs

Proof of identity and access to personal documentation is one of the biggest barriers our community faces. Through our Foreign Affairs program we support community members with various resources like, lawyers, attorneys, consulate appointments and more. 


With this program we have been able to bring the Mexican mobile consulate to the local YMCA and the Guatemalan consulate to Burke county.

Program Coordinator: Laura Galindo

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