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Enhancing the quality of life in our community.


Workforce Program

The Workforce Program aims to help the community in finding full time, part time, or seasonal employment in or around McDowell County. This program includes, resume, cover letter, and job search support. We also assist community members with enrollment in courses like ESL, GED, and AHS.

Our Workforce Coordinator develops direct communication with various businesses and companies both local and in the surrounding areas of McDowell County as well as direct contact with both MTCC and ICC for educational enrollment, training, and furthering education.

Program Coordinator: Melissa Flores

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Latino Business Force

The Latino Business Force is one of our newest programs established and coordinated by Melissa Flores in May of 2023. Three members of our team; Margarita, Marisol, and Melissa all took the Growing Entrepreneurs Marion certification course. This course goes over the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to build a successful business. Although the course was amazing, it was not established in Spanish. From that, the Latino Business Force program was born. Our goal is to provide our Latino community with everything they need to establish successful businesses in McDowell County and surrounding areas. Participants partake in a 6 class course and receive a certification of completion from McDowell Tech Community College. Call or email us for more information.

Program Coordinator: Melissa Flores

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