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Enhancing the quality of life in our community.



Community Health Worker

The Community Health Worker program was established to offer free assistance and resources to people affected by COVID-19. Since then, it has evolved to support the community with their overall health. The program includes connection to resources (food, housing, etc.), chronic disease prevention education, connection to health care services, and individualized health coaching.

Program Coordinator: Laura Zapater

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Healthy Minds of Centro Unido

Healthy Minds of Centro Unido was created with the intention to raise mental health awareness in North Carolina. Our goal is to educate the community on mental health issues and its repercussions within our community. We also hope to erase the negative stigma around mental health and encourage our community to learn more about this topic to better support one another. We do this through trainings, forums, and workshops led by certified QPR Suicide Prevention & Mental Health First Aid staff members.

North Carolina is in a mental health state of emergency. LEARN MORE


NOTE: We are NOT certified to treat or provide mental health diagnosis.

Program Coordinator: Rosalinda Arriola

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