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From Above

Have you noticed that the youth may not be communicating their needs effectively?


Do you feel confident that the youth have the proper resources to help them in their career, education, health, and life overall? 

You will get a different answer depending on who you ask but one thing is for certain, the pandemic has taken a toll on the community at large but the youth have also suffered tremendously and may be in need of a mentor based reintegration into their emotions, society, and future plans. 

With that being said, we are proud to initiate our newest program tailored for the needs of the youth.


We created the VAMOS Youth Mentorship Program in order to provide youth in the community guidance and individualistic peer support as they navigate social, emotional, and personal changes during adolescence and equally important changes caused by the pandemic. 

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Program Coordinator

Carlos Lopez

We aim to help adolescent young teens realize their true potential while recovering from the negative effects isolation and rigid restrictions has caused them.  And also to act as a source of peer support for transitioning from middle school to high school, then college, then career and/or early adulthood. 


We created six fragments which we believe are crucial to developing a thriving independent teen that can take charge of their life.

1. Mental Health

In mental health, the youth will learn more about the changes that happen in their brain as they grow from child to teen to adult. Also to assist them in any mental crisis or challenge they are experiencing. Four of our staff members are certified in Mental Health First Aid, we are qualified to identify and refer but NOT to diagnose or treat.

Be on the lookout for updates as we also plan to commence the program with an informational kick off day to let the community know about our initiative.

If you would like to see the project in full detail, click on the presentation below.

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