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Interpreting Network

The interpreting network program assists non English speaking individuals with translation services. The community is able to come to us to have typed or written documents to have them translated or request our company when they are needed in person at a certain location.



We are able to translate papers and documents such as:

  • Medical papers

  • School letters

  • Invoices

  • Notices

And we are able to accompany individuals to:

  • School Meetings

  • Medical visits

  • Lawyer's offices

  • Local agencies and more

Businesses and agencies are also able to hire us and request translation services for them or their clients. We have been hired by DSS, colleges, and other agencies and institutions to provide these services but members of the community can obtain these services at no cost.


If you are interested in these services or wish to refer anyone, visit our office or give us a call!

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