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Helping Hands/Food Pantry


There are people who experience food insecurity in McDowell County. There are families containing members who work long hours trying to make ends meet often resulting in a small amount of funds to allow purchasing of food or folks are left with very little to cover the cost of food and left no choice but to buy food that is cheaper and less healthy.

In addition to this, people who live below the poverty line consist of roughly 16 percent out of McDowell's population of over 40,000 residents. These people have less access to a sustainable food source, not to mention the children who rely on their caretakers to provide them with it. 

Food Distribution Dates   12:00 - 5:00 pm

March 17

March 31

April 14

April 28

June 09

July 21

May 12

May 26

June 23

August 04

July 07

August 18

September 01

September 15

September 29

October 13

November 23

October 27

December 08

November 10

December 22

We are always in need of volunteers so come and lend a Helping Hand. If you would like to become a volunteer please provide your contact information below and our Helping Hands Coordinator Lorena will contact you.

Volunteers are ALWAYS welcomed!

Become a part of our volunteer team today! 

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