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Food, specifically produce in the United States go through a rigorous process of  chemical exposure before it makes its way to the shelves, let alone our dinner tables. Their final destination is our bodies and consistent consumption of food containing these chemicals  harm our health over time especially if it begins at a young age.

Our Community Garden program allows us to partner with local gardens in the area to promote nutrition and healthy eating habits to adults and youth alike. Those partnerships also help us in providing nutritional food to people who have difficulties accessing it while also providing knowledge on cultivation and sustainability as we follow the processes of seed to crop.

Activities and lessons done in the garden align with the goals and teachings that are done in the Vida Activa Outdoor program and VAMOS so they also follow the FCSP model.  We will begin to work with the crops once again when the warmer weather starts in the Spring time along with our other programs.

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Tabernacle Community Garden

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