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Civic Engagment 


This is a program that aims to increase civic participation and awareness in political processes that affect the general population. We also hope to strengthen community involvement with the implementation of  this program by reconnecting residents to our community socially, economically, civically and environmentally.

This is one of our newer programs that has a goal of educating the Latino Community on bills, laws and processes put forth by the powers that be. These decisions may hinder the success or progression of otherwise targeted individuals in the community and this program aims to help those folks understand how they are affected, how decisions affect other groups of people and how to respond justly. 

In November of 2021, two members of staff, Carlos Lopez and Margarita Ramirez,

attended and spoke at a Redistricting hearing in Caldwell county. This is one of the few 

steps CULA has taken in order to better serve our community in McDowell. 


In addition to the diplomatic focus in this program, another focus is inter-connectedness within the community and reestablishing  cross cultural community bonds. We do that by offering volunteer opportunities at our events as well as our partner's events such as forums, food distributions, Covid-19 vaccination clinics and more.

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