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Celebration of Cultures

This project was made in order to raise cultural awareness in rural communities and beyond.

This is done by having events and activities that pertain to a certain group's ethnic and traditional cultures. 

By learning and teaching about people's lived experiences and origins, we hope to develop a diversified community that strives for social and economic equity and integration. 

United Cultures for Health

On October 16th, 2021 CULA hosted a day of United Cultures for Health  to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. On this day we had various services available for the community which included our Food Pantry Distribution, a mobile clinic, Covid testing and vaccinations. 

Not to mention we also celebrated our eleven year anniversary on this day. We originally planned this event as a festival to take place during the same month, however, the Delta variant was becoming an issue so we decided to change the day and have it downscaled.

We were joined by our wonderful volunteers who helped set up our distribution. Everyone has their specific role which includes filling the boxes, loading them into cars, disposing of trash, clean up and more! 

We admire the work that they do for us not only at this particular event but at all of our food distributions and other events that we have through out the year. We give our most generous thanks!

On this day, the mayor of the City of Marion proclaimed September 15 through October 15 as Hispanic Heritage Month in the City of Marion, NC. This is the first time that it has been publicly recognized and was done in order to shed a light on the rising population of Latino folks in rural communities. 

We are beyond grateful for Mayor Steve Little for giving his kind words and proclamation and beyond proud of our community!

Executive Director of CULA with Mayor Steve Little holding the proclamation.


Volunteers fillings boxes of food for the community. 

President of CULA, Francesca Haggarty, offers a custom basket to one of our food pantry visitors.

We are grateful for the vaccines and testing that were available for our community members. We admire the work that they did in order to reach our goal of providing the best health services for our community. 

We were also accompanied by some of our partner organizations and funders at this special event, thanks to them we are able to offer the different services to our community. We were also joined by some of our partners including some of our friends from El Pueblo (Raleigh, NC).



Everyone had a busy day, but in the end it was a day of community, of health, and breaking barriers.


Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA was such a great success!!! Centro Unido Latino Americano, along with many many other local organizations were there to celebrate the children! C.U.L.A was there giving away free toys, providing great information and face painting by Miss Blue Ridge Valley's Outstanding Teen Victoria Weatherman. Thank you for everyone that showed up and took part in this fun event and visited our booth! 

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